Tell Us, We Produce It With Your Own Brand Name!

RGTEX Network Specializes in high quality men´s women´s and Kid's knit and woven items and fabrics production. It has a dedicated and professional corporate management team with vast experience in the apparel world.
With a dynamic and diverse group of people working in RGTEX LLC, it forms a strong and winning team. It just does not want to excel in its products but makes sure that the high quality products are made in a safe and habitable environment.
 Our cooperate companies has instituted safe, environment friendly labor requirements far exceeding the local standards and with accordance with international law. RGTEX LLC team has transformed itself into competitive market leader in the apparel industry of Turkey also.
Our standard of quality, competitiveness in price and ability to meet deadlines have given it the reputation of being one of the finest in the Garment industries of Turkey. Production for Global Brand names is our business!
We Provide The Following Services :

1) Color approval.

2) Lab Testing for color fastness, crocking, shrinkage, wrap
and weft before production.

3) Fabric checking for defects before production.

4) Daily status report.

5) We provide inspection, on production line, mid, random
and final inspection before shipment by our own
inspection team and SGS or Asia Inspection companies.

6) Issuing of Certificates.

7) Following of shipping till Airport/Sea Port.
Fabric types:

1) 100% Cotton Single Jersey And Double Jersey

2) 100 % Polyester

3) Cotton and polyester blended fabrics

4) Cotton and lycra blended fabrics

5) Cotton and viscon blended fabrics

6) Polyester and viscon blended fabrics

7) Cotton, polyester and viscon blended fabrics
 8) We can produce special fabrics, you want.